Hello There!

Thanks for visiting. I'm excited you're here. I hope you will enjoy a few facts about me ... 


My favorite animal growing up: This is hard one. I grew up on a farm with so many animals - my favorites being my puppy Tucker, my collection of happy white Call Ducks and my fluffy cute-as-a-button Holland Lops. But my pony Oliver was the best. He was the sweetest pony and my favorite memory is riding him bareback through the meadow on my parents property. 


My favorite color: Teal. Turqouise. Tiffany Blue. Whatever you call it, it always makes me happy! If you have a chance to visit my studio, you'll probably figure it out straight away. My very best friends always seem to find a little trinket or two to add to my collection ... and I certainly don't mind. 


My favorite iPhone camera application: My go-to app has been Hipstimatic. It was created by New York art students and they have simulated the look of different camera lenses and films, which are all interchangeable! I love going on vacation and choosing a filter that I get to use on all my images - it reminds me of vacationing to Paris and only taking my 35mm canon with black and white extra grainy film. 


The town I live in: I love living in Sebastopol. It’s a semi-coastal town with friendly, everyone-knows-your-name, type people. The line of cars heading through town is always a bit crazy, but it makes up for with its yummy restaurants, fabulous movie theater and great neighbors. I love walking to town on a nice day with my family and grabbing a treat at Sebastopol Cookie Company. 


Studio Mascot: My dog Otis. At 135 pounds of mostly fluff, he attracts a lot of attention! But, I love it because he always brings a smile to people’s faces. He was my present for my 30th birthday and flew in all the way from Ohio. He was just a 14 pound pup when we met him! So cute. 


What else? I’m currently Vice President of the Professional Photographers of the Wine Country. I’m so excited about this amazing group of photographers - I’m honored to be V.P.! My studio resides in Sebastopol, in a turn of the century red barn, which used to be the General Store for an old town called Cunningham. It has a lot of character and I love coming to work everyday and being in a creative environment. Speaking of fun environments, my husband, Spencer, is the founder of The Great Burro Studios, a music school for young rockers, which is right next door. It's such a creative and loving environment to be a part of. I love it!